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"Imperfect Angels" Is Now AVAILABLE !

Gajah & Chrono Triggers release, "Imperfect Angels".

At 8 tracks deep, the dark and heavy, conceptual opus is a written testament of humanity

And the many imperfections that we were cursed and birthed with.

With diverse vocal stylings and "hard truthed" subject matter, Gajah glides his way

over a blend of glitchy chip tune, and organic beats provided

by French production maestro, Chrono Triggers.

Features Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship) & Corina Corina.




- K7 -

FilthyBroke Recordings

- CD -

- Vinyl Soon ! -



"It Is What It Is" - Laurent Garnier's Radio Show On Radio-Meuh (France)

at 9pm on June 8th 2016

Undergouffre Radio Show On Radio Prun' (France)

"Uncommon Radio Live" Uncommon Nasa's Radio Show (USA)


Damn That Noise

All beats produced by G. Vigier AKA Chrono Triggers

All lyrics (with the exception of "Asundered" & "Skull Warriors") written by N. Navarrete AKA Gajah, courtesy of (fathomlessmusic/ASCAP)

Recorded by EQ @ the Ashtray of LA

Mixed & Mastered by Chrono Triggers @ Arcade Bit 1 - Paris

Cover artwork by Tattoo Drew


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